Detect And Destroy Viruses With AntiMalware

As indicated in the preceding section, a polymorphic virus can modify each of its many parts. In the past, the detection of polymorphic viruses has called-for a detections algorithm. That algorithm had to be specially developed, so that it could note the presence of each individual virus.

.That old approach did not encourage the development of broad-based anti-malware. What computer users really needed was a unified array of software tests, tests designed for use with a different type of antivirus software. They needed tests that could work with polymorphic anti-virus software.

Fortunately, software developers have finally become aware of that need.  . .That explains why a few daring software companies have now joined forces. Together they are trying to improve the technology used for testing software.

They are striving to assemble a collection of tests, and to provide the public with a clearer interpretation of test results. . .The operators of two websites, Anti-Malware Test Lab and AV Comparatives.

org, have initiated development of a group of integrated tests. Each test will provide computer users with an anti-virus solution to malware intrusions, intrusions into a personal computer’s registry.  .

.Those two companies, working together, hope to have new anti-malware solutions ready by December of 2008. The release of that software should put an end to the limitations currently facing each computer user.

The release of that new software should provide computer users with anti-malware that is based ready to deal with polymorphic viruses. . .In order to underline the benefits that the planned anti-malware should deliver, this article concludes by focusing on keyloggers. That is the name for a particular virus, one that captures keystrokes, mouse clicks, file openings and visits to various websites. .

At the present time, a computer user must look to three different products, if he or she wants to fight keyloggers. At the present time, a computer user can feel safe from keyloggers when he or she has obtained a firewall, an anti-virus program and an anti-spyware program. The latter two programs must be updated on a regular basis. . .Still, those computers users who have spent money on those three products can not always rest easy.

Those three products only work against keyloggers the have a known signature. A new keylogger with a new, yet undetected signature will escape the protection offered by those three products. . .The group that is working on new anti-malware wants to put an end to the countless worries that enter the mind of computer users. They want to develop anti-malware that can handle every type of virus, even the most recently developed virus.

They want to develop anti-malware that can fight more than keyloggers. . .The group that is now working to improve the existing anti-malware hopes to create a program that can aid detection of hijackers, adware and annoyware. If that group achieves its goal, it will allow computer users to feel free from spam proxies and scam downloads. .

.All of those viruses might thus become a “relic of the past.” Then future computer users would not loose sleep worrying about polymorphic viruses.


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