VB Net Point of Sales Source Code

VB Net Point of Sales has better support for Microsoft .Net POS (Point of Service) peripherals, remove the needs for conventional Point of Sales system that direct communication with the hardware. Moving from conventional POS to dot net Point of Sales allows developer to migrate from their system into the dot net platform.

Let's see what advantages developer may enjoy in the dot net platform: Advantage #1 - More tools to use. Developer can utilize Microsoft POS service, or powerful 3rd party components and RAD tools to speed up the overall development time, deliver the software faster to the market! Advantage #2 - Powerful .Net Remoting. Point of Sales developer needs to provide offline capability to the software, allow data to be synchronize back into the server at the end of the day, and the .net remoting provides the best solution with minimum coding! Advantage #3 - Easier to update.

Program size is everything when comes to upgrade and updating! With smaller footprint in .net framework, software vendor can easily provide frequent updates even in dial-up environment, which most retail store today still rely on! Advantage #4 - Powerful database. SQL 2005 Express provides the best storage available, software vendor can easily migrate from the database to SQL Server 2005 professional, provide higher capacity for the retail company without upgrading their software! Advantage #5 - Multiple platform availability. Software vendor can provide more platform support than ever! From desktop, web client, Windows, Linux to Mac OS, you name it! And the support for more platform expected to grow over time. The most important part is share codes between Windows and web interface, developer can share the source code effort and create different types of user interface.

With these 5 advantages, there are no reason for conventional vendor not to migrate into VB Net Point of Sales! Some source code provider even integrates VB Net Point of Sales into their Accounting; With source code based point of sales, developer will save time on migrating, integrating, modifying and expanding the functionality, deliver the project to the market faster than before! (C) Copyright 2008 CYNICS SOFTWARE - Feel free to reprint this article in its entirety as long as all links and author resources box in place.

Download the VB Net Point of Sales Source Code from Cynics Software, speed up your migration speed now!

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VB Net Point of Sales Source Code - VB Net Point of Sales has better support for Microsoft .

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