Docking Your Laptop Using a Stand

There are so many important accessories for a laptop, one of them is the docking station. Its purpose is from being an attachable docking stand to making a laptop function like a desktop. Still, the compact features of your laptop is always there. You can still bring it anywhere you go, the docking stand can be left behind so making your laptop compact and light.

Among the hardware found in most laptop docking stands are slots for expansion cards. Aside from these, laptop docking stands may also contain extra ports, such as USB and PS/2 for mouse and keyboard. Additional hard drive and optical drive bays may also be included, as well as a connection for an external display hardware. These things would have been added to the laptop itself, but they may add weight to it and decrease portability. Laptop batteries exude high heat output, and these system's life cycles can be severely shortened if they are not provided a means to keep cool. Sitting them flat on your desk essentially seals the heat in, as it offers little if any air flow circulation All you have to do is lower the laptop docking stand to its lowest (flat) position, push the slide switch on the front cooling cradle to the right, ease the cradle towards you.

When you're done, just reset the retainer. The Oyster can be used with either Mac or PC laptops and its design brings the laptop screen to the right height for better posture at the same time as eliminating the need for another monitor (or enabling it to sit alongside the second monitor instead of below it). Other advantages include a smaller desk "footprint", internal cable concealment, storage, and an in-built 4 port USB hub.

When you want to prolong your investment on your laptop, use a Laptop Docking Stand, it reduces over heating.

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