HIPHONE Accessories how easy can I get them

HIPHONE, the latest IPHONE clone from china, you probably know it or you probably own it. HIPHONE is an imported cell phone, normally you bought it on eBay or other online stores, the cell phone itself always has 1 year warranty, but how about the replaced accessories, like batteries, ear phones and data cable, where can you get them and how much are they ? Many people will like to know about it, or if you are planning to buy a HIPHONE soon, you should read this article.

The most common HIPHONE accessories are stereo earphone, data cable, batteries and charges. For stereo earphones, there are many compatible accessories on the market which you can use, and you can buy it on eBay or other web stores at a cheap price, some offer the package with few accessories inside. Single accessory costs USD 6-8, for accessories package, it's like USD 20 something for 3 accessories included.


And there are many different types of silicon or rubble cases for HIPHONE on the market, always like few dollars. And you don't need a stylus for HIPHONE, for the touch control, you can only use fingers but not the stylus. .

The reason why most of the HIPONE accessories are so cheap, it's because they are manufactured or assembled in china, always by OEM.

By the way the accessories are compatible to some other cell phone, so they are produced in mass production. And no brand names are printed on the accessories, so that's why you can get them at a cheap price.

More information on HIPHONE accessories on HIPHONE

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