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There is a wide range of accessories available for laptop notebooks that make working with your notebook computer so much easier. These accessories range from mini hubs and mini zip drives to security locks. All accessories are add-ons to the basic laptop notebook sold and are designed to meet the various needs of users. Some of the top must have accessories for laptops are: Laptop Backpacks These very functional and practical laptop carriers are a terrific option for students or business people who travel. The versatility of a backpack allows much more storage room that a traditional laptop carrying case.

In addition they are water resistant and come in a wide variety of colors and designs. Laptop extended use batteries This laptop notebook accessory is a must for computer users who will be away from a power supply for extended periods of time. These batteries will last well over an average workday and still have power left over. Laptop desk stand Ergonomically designed, these portable desk stands allow the laptop computer to be tilted up to move the display area to eye-level for ease of reading. This lessens back and neck strain as the laptop user is not constantly looking down or typing on a flat surface.

The lightweight plastic design makes them very easy to use when traveling or moving from one workspace to another. TV card bus A great device for people who travel with their laptop, this accessory allows your laptop to receive and record TV, video and also to be used as a radio receiver. It is a simple card that uses your PCMCIA card slot on your laptop.

This small accessory is greatly appreciated by music lovers. Flash Drive Picture this - You have a presentation in 5 minutes. The machine that is hooked up to the projector doesn't have an internet connection so that eliminates your 'mail it to yourself option'. You don't have a data cable to transfer files back and forth.

So what do you do? Ideally, you will never been in that situation because you have read this article. To avoid such a dilemma you were smart enough to carry a portable flash drive. These pocket size devices can be used to store/transfer over a USB connection.

Plug it into your laptop, copy the file. Now, plug it into the desktop and copy the file over. Voila! this notebook accessory just saved the day. Bluetooth Wireless USB Adapter This is a simple plug-in component that allows your computer to become a wireless communication device. Your computer can be linked with a handheld device, mobile phone, printer or anything else that uses2.

4 GHz Bluetooth technology. There is built in security with this system that allows for safe transfer of information. In addition it gets rid of the cables that are necessary when using other forms of data transfer.

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