Practicing What We Preach With Our Office Furniture

In the past few years, MAiSPACE's solid business plan, value driven product and strong sales contributed to its explosive growth. By the end of 2005 MAiSPACE, like many of its customers, was too small for its corporate headquarters and in desperate need of a new, larger space. With a lack of suitable facilities on the market that could function as both a storage/ distribution center and a prime office space (which needed to include a showroom, training facility and open and private offices), company officers found a terrific location that was a basic, raw warehouse shell. Its potential was apparent and gave the company a chance to transform the space for themselves as they have done for so many others. Conference Room As with many expansions and moves, the amount of downtime allotted to complete the entire transition was just a few short weeks. It was vital that the project would not interfere with "business as usual" and was slated to take place during the customary holiday lull.

Per MAiSPACE's own sales model, lease negotiations ended with the landlord agreeing to build out a 5,000 square foot "warm shell", office space in the front of the building housing the basics of electrical, plumbing, fire protection, HVAC, ceiling and light fixtures. MAiSPACE was able to transform the entire space into Secretary Desk a completely furnished office at a consumer cost of only $15 per square foot. Effectively using their systems product with off-modular design and stackable frames that go floor to ceiling (including doors), private offices, conferencing areas, training rooms, ergonomically designed chairs and a reception area quickly took shape. Workstations were laid out and powered. Because of the patented zone distribution system which includes plug-and-play connectors, lay-in cabling and the largest capacity in the industry, the system supported the network and power requirements with remarkable ease.

Managing voice, data, and power cabling was a snap with MAiSPACE because cable runs are laid in behind lift-off panel segments, not bundled and fished through structural elements, making installation fast and efficient. Office Cubicles And the product was not only functional but beautiful. Using a variety of Grade 2 and 4 fabrics, metallic paints, laminate and veneer tiles, frosted and clear glass, Coverseal and veneer work surfaces, MAiSPACE was able to establish and delineate the needs of a varied work force while maintaining design integrity throughout the facility. In just 6 weeks from placement of order, the new corporate headquarters was open, functioning and welcoming visitors.

So when they ask, "Why MAiSPACE?" we can say, with total confidence, that no where else can you get exceptional quality products and low cost with the award winning technology features and unparalleled design. We're living proof. will help business owners and operators make smart choices in Office Cubicles and Buying Office Furniture for their offices and selecting the right systems furniture.Practicing What We Preach With Our Office Furniture.

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