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Dear Internet Marketer,

Have you ever thought about whats really going on behind the computers of those who always seem to request refunds wherever they go and whom are never pleased no matter what you do for them?

Well, some of these folks are probably just like that, but being realistic, many of these habitual refunders just like to take advantage of your word and your integrity when it comes to honoring your money-back guarantee, to get their hands on your digital products by paying nothing. I know, because I see it everyday.

And to make things worse, these habitual refunders, as well as some of your actual, normal customers, most likely will.

Start sharing your product (distributing illegal copies, in other words) with their friends, family, and coworkers giving them free access to your valuable products when they should be paying you for it
Make your product available for free (sometimes unknowingly) to hundreds of thousands of people that use of P2P (peer-to-peer) file sharing networks making it easy for anyone to steal your product in just a few clicks
Upload a copy of your digital product to the Internet (usually on a crappy, free website) to be downloaded by hundreds - if not thousands - of freebie junkies
Profit at your expense by selling bootleg copies - individually or packaged - of your digital product on burned CDs, in online auctions, or on the Internet, just to name a few
As you can see, the problem isnt only because of the free-loaders that always request to be refunded, but its also because of all the people that start making copies of your product in one way or another (the main vulnerability of digital products)

And to top it off, they think theres nothing wrong with copying your product, when its actually illegal according to worldwide laws.

Doesnt it make you feel angry and frustrated to know that you cant do anything about these people who are copying your valuable products (in which you poured your heart, time, and money ) and giving them away to everybody and their dog, without you getting paid, and when its your absolute, lawful right?

Picture this.

From all the customers you acquired in a month, lets say that 10 of them share copies of your product with at least 3 people on average (a very conservative number) in a timeframe of one month through e-mail, burned CDs, free download sites or P2P file-sharing networks.

Even though each one of these customers is only sharing copies with 3 persons, the number of illegal copies and lost profits grow rapidly as the time passes due to the viral factor involved.

Thats exactly why I decided to start useing a unique software system that was not only highly effective, reliable, and easy to use (even for a computer newbie), but also easily afforded by any Internet marketer or product developer.

Why Is The Software Defender System So Effective
And Secure For Protecting Your Digital Products?
1. It does NOT rely on simple registration-key protection which can be easily defeated by sharing the registration key with another person.

2. It does NOT rely on hiding or cloaking your download URL, as anyone with moderate HTML knowledge could easily sneak and find out whats your download URL in just a few minutes.

3. It does NOT rely on shareware, which can be effortlessly cracked by putting back your computer clock or by using the Windows Registry editor.

Instead, Software Defender uses a much securer, advanced system that gives and requires a unique license key from your customers in order to use your products. Heres the simple process of what your customers would need to do in order to activate access to your product:

1. Your customers pay you and then are redirected to a special thank you page URL (which is given to you in your Software Defender account) and download your product.


When your customers open your digital product, they will be requested to enter their license key into a text box and then click a simple button.

3. After the button is clicked, Software Defender will check if that license key is valid and active. If it is, your customer will start using your product right away, and if the license key was deactivated or deleted by you, no matter what they try, they will NOT be able to use your product again until you reactivate his/her license key from your Software Defender account.

Furthermore, because each license key can only be used from one unique computer once its activated, it will be impossible for anyone to use your digital products if they have got a pirated copy or a shared copy from a friend.

Also, since you can terminate access to your digital product for any person you choose at only one mouse click, the free-loaders that always ask for refunds wont be able to use your product anymore, unless they repent and pay for your product again.

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About the Author (text)Mr. Scott is trying to help keep the money in the artist, programers, ect... hands.

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