The Significance of Cheap Emergency Cell Phone Calling Cards

Almost everyday, life throws something new at us. Some problems are not that hard to deal with. But, once the unexpected happens, it would be much better to be in a position to deal with it properly. Communication is an issue that always comes up when the unexpected occurs.

For example, it is helpful to be able to contact some family member or friend when, lets say, one is stuck in a precarious situation. There are usually two communication options available for emergency issues: The first being mobile phones and the second being universal prepaid phone calling services or emergency cell phone calling cards. Nowadays many people carry cellular phones to be able to be reached by their employers and families. However, for most people, cell phones are not the best options out there. First of all, many cell phone service providers charge high fees for their reputation and brand equity.

In addition, these cell phone providers lock their customers into long term plans to keep the cash flow coming in for longer periods. That is not all. Many of these companies do not offer low rates on international or even local long distance calls. Obviously, this would not be an issue to a millionaire. But to most people, these high rates are not affordable.

Besides, the plans offered by cell phone providers could be deceiving. Many mobile service providers offer 5000 minutes for around 40 dollars a month. However, consumers who do not use that many minutes per months are left with no other viable choice. After all, the next plan in line offers so few minutes that it is barely useful to anybody.

Universal emergency cell phone calling card services, on the other hand, offer convenience, quality, and huge savings to their holders. Services that can be purchased on line, such as Pingo, differ from the typical country specific type of prepaid calling cards that are sold at convenience stores. These universal prepaid service providers understand that prepaid calling cards customers are price sensitive.

Therefore, these cards offer very low rates to keep the customers satisfied. Besides, these cards do not come with any call requirements. Consequently, consumers are free to talk as much as they want per month. The quality of service offered by some of these cards is as high, if not higher, as that of cellular phones.

Rates to call Internationally with these calls are about the lowest you can find. In addition, since these cards do not require long-term commitments, they are the best choice for most people. In emergency situations, people want to have the ability to contact their loved ones. Cheap emergency cell phone calling card services allow their holders to do just that.

Brian Hawkins is an affiliate marketing manager for Pingos prepaid cell phone affiliate program that also provides emergency student phone cards online at

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