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Optimize your system's sound

Every room is different. Leaving your home-theater system set at its default levels means you're not getting the best sound quality possible from your setup. The calibration process takes just a few minutes, but it will elevate your system to its true sonic potential.

1. Hear all five channels

Surround sound isn't a misnomer. A properly calibrated system will let you hear the heavy-caliber weapons, X-wing fighters, orc armies, and caped heroes from every corner of the room. Without it, you may be getting only warmed-over stereo.

2. Out of phase means out of luck

Yes, those red and black terminals on your speaker binding posts are color-coded for a reason. You can still hear the soundtrack if you mismatch them (positive to negative and vice versa), but the surround effect will be completely fouled up the aural equivalent of putting your pants on backward.

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