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Why you should improve your TV's picture

Go natural!

While the typical in-store settings for TVs are Blinding and Supernova, when you get your TV home, you want an image as close to reality (that is, the original source) as you can get. Reducing the default settings to real-world levels will get you closer to the picture the director intended.

2Increase your set's life span!

TVs are a lot like bonfires: the brighter they burn, the faster they fade. Turning down your TV's contrast control can greatly increase the life span of the tube, the plasma panel, or the bulb that produces your TV's light.

3Reduce headaches!

Ever watch a small bright television in the bedroom with no other lights on? Ever wake up with a headache? The two may be connected, and reducing the brightness of the television can save you money on aspirin.

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